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Roger Sanchez Feat. Lisa Pure – Lost

Tom Novy – Unexpected

Speech of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez speech to the U.N. General Assembly. During his speech he called Bush “The Devil”.

YouTube And Copyright

To reduce court proceedings with the major labels YouTube will install software that discovers content which violate the copyright of the owner.Installation of this software will be done by end of this year.

Furthermore YouTube will share the profit of their advertising with the owner of the copyright. First partner of the new alignment is Warner Music. This information was presented by YouTube on Monday. The advantage for the user is that they will be able to produce legal videos with protected music.

It is planned that more contracts will be done with other labels.
A similar contract was already signed with NBC Universal at June of this year.

There a several TV-Stations and film studios which are interested into this concept.

Currently there are conservations with EMI about a contract.