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The Cute Knut

Knut, the first polar bear born in the Zoo of Berlin since 30 years. He was born at 05.12.2006 and meanwhile there is a hype about Knutt. For more info about Knut visit the Berlin Zoo.

Knut on CNN and german TV channel ProSieben.

Greetings From Baltrum

Hello, in my last post i wrote that the next update will be on Sunday (25/03/07) because i am on vacation. I am on vacation. But…i found a PC with internet connection in the hotel.

And the best of all…free of charge.

There are webcams available on this island.

To view click here.
All the best…Cybernout


Our black-red-gold super heroes have it! The (world-) masterpiece: The 29:24 victory against Poland. What a handball party! Kölnarena sold off and completely the in the state of emergency. And mega-coach Heiner Brand. He already won the title as a player in 1978, now also as a coach, a success for the eternity!

The winter fairytale has got true! Germany is handball world champion !!!!

Last seconds of the game.

Players with the cup.




It was a pure thrill at Kölnarena – host Germany made their first dream come true gaining a ticket for the final of the XX World Championship. A dramatic final saw European champions France admit a narrow 32:31 defeat against the German team following two overtime periods.It is simply amazing. I am feeling great”, head coach Heiner Brand stated. He had experienced Germany’s last great triumph as a player in 1978. The WM-Final Germany vs. Poland will be on Sunday (04.02.2007 16:30).

A dream can get true.

Last 2 minutes of semi-final and after game scenes.

Kölnareana, Cologne, Germany. After the game.


German Goalkeeper Henning Fritz.


Public Viewing (As in summer 2006 during the FIFA World Cup).


Some players of the German team.


End For Google Gmail In Germany

Google has suffered a defeat in the brand lawsuit around its e-mail service Gmail once more.

Google has been snubbed by the harmonization office at a European level to protect its brand in Europe.

The lawful trademark right owner Daniel Gierschof announced his “G-mail” today.

The young businessman had itself the brand “G-mail” in Germany already six years ago protected oneself. In turn Google offers its online e-mail service with the exception of Great Britain under the name Gmail. After a first judgement in front of German courts the service had to be renamed in Google mail.

At the opinion that the brand Gmail cannot be used for the e-mail service this has furhter consequences for Google. Google then would be forced presumably to rename Gmail in Google mail everywhere from this time on with the corresponding effects on the allocated electronic mail addresses not least by similar named disputes in Great Britain.

“G-mail” start under the much discussed brand name in April. The Internet domain also could already be taken for the test stage into operation.

A Message From Chad And Steve

The YouTube founders talk about the Google acquisition.