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Who is Matt ?

Some people of you already know about Matt.

During last year his video “Where the Hell is Matt ?” was one of the most played

(> 6.000.000 views) videos on the internet.

But, who is Matt ? What is the story behind him ?

His full name is Matt Harding, a former designer and writer for videogames.

In 2003 he quit his job and begun to travel around the world.

The idea to produce a video which show him dancing during his journey was given by a travel buddy.

The 2005 Video

After producing the first video in 2005 a sponsor asked Matt about a second video.

They paid the bill and the next journey started with the result we all aware of.

The 2006 Video

A whole interview with Matt you can read here and/or view another interview below.

Matt Harding Interview

Matt published another video where he show up mistakes and his bad dancing style.

Matt’s Outtakes

The new project is currently running and you are now able to participate on it.

You can sign up to dance with Matt here.

Greetings From Baltrum

Hello, in my last post i wrote that the next update will be on Sunday (25/03/07) because i am on vacation. I am on vacation. But…i found a PC with internet connection in the hotel.

And the best of all…free of charge.

There are webcams available on this island.

To view click here.
All the best…Cybernout