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Ubuntu Beryl 3D Matrix Desktop

Demo of using Beryl on Ubuntu with old hardware.

Athlon 1800+ – 512MB Ram – NVIDIA geforce 4200 TI !!!!
Linux Kubuntu Edgy – AIGLX – NVDIA official driver – BERYL SV

Try this with Windows and the same hardware specification.

Thx to W00STYLE.

Beryl and Compiz merged to Compiz Fusion. To learn more click here.

For help to install Compiz on Ubuntu click here or here.

To customize your layout visit deviantART.

Music used in the presentation:

Rob Dougan – Clubbed To Death (Thx to jonaz)

Update !

New Release Ubuntu 8.04 with Compiz Fusion.

Starcraft, Wine And Touchscreen On Linux

Bye Windows, Welcome Linux

For several weeks i decide to setup my PC with Linux. Try several distrubtions (eg. Mandriva, Suse, etc).

Then i found my new operating system. Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft). Very easy to setup the basis system.

Some work to install the multimedia part but there is a tool like Automatix2 which will do the work for you.

From my point of view Ubuntu is the perfect system for people like me which changed from the Redmond stuff to Linux. No headache due to the easy setup and the friendly and helpful support from the community.

Give it a try !

Demo: Ubuntu Edgy Eft with XGL/Beryl

Interview with Mark Shuttleworth (Founder of the Ubuntu Foundation)