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YouTube – Music Videos Of The Week

As the title described i will present the videos of Youtube for this week.

We will start with a new G-Unit Signing Young Hot Rod.
Note: He changed his name from Hot Rod to Young Hot Rod as of July 2006.

On his first single Be easy he is supported by Mary J Blige.
Some people say that he is the new 50 cent, but the reviews of his song varied from hot to garbage.

Already posted here but this article will not complete without Casandra Ventura aka Cassie.

Trouble in the media this week due to rumors that the song Me & U are about oral sex. On her blog Cassie stated that she never, never say this.

But enough about that. Enjoy here song Long way 2 go.

Janet Jackson released her second single from the Album 20 Y.O..

As i first see the video i think something is wrong.

The video is very dark but see it as art 😀

Very funny video from Bob Sinclair aka The Mighty Bop, Africanism, etc…

During my research i found that his new song Rock This Party samples a song from 1990 “Gonna Make You Sweat” by C+C Music Factory.

Have fun !

And now we go to …… Yeah ! Beyonce

The third single from her album B’Day called Irreplaceable.

Written by herself with support from Ne-Yo and Espen Lind.

Hope you enjoy the videos.