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Google Acquire YouTube

Google  buys Youtube for 1.65 billion dollar (1.31 billion euro) in shares. That communicated Google on Monday evening. Youtube is for Google the most expensive acquisition in the eight-year old firm history. Both enterprises have agreed the transaction. The takeover should be finalized  in the fourth quarter 2006.For more information click here.

Virgin Galatic (owned by Richard Branson) offer tickets for travel into space.

The first start for ordinary people like you and me is scheduled for 2009.

Start of Space Ship Two will be done from a new spaceport in New Mexico.

One thing, to purchase the ticket you need 220000 $

To book your ticket click here.

YouTube And Copyright

To reduce court proceedings with the major labels YouTube will install software that discovers content which violate the copyright of the owner.Installation of this software will be done by end of this year.

Furthermore YouTube will share the profit of their advertising with the owner of the copyright. First partner of the new alignment is Warner Music. This information was presented by YouTube on Monday. The advantage for the user is that they will be able to produce legal videos with protected music.

It is planned that more contracts will be done with other labels.
A similar contract was already signed with NBC Universal at June of this year.

There a several TV-Stations and film studios which are interested into this concept.

Currently there are conservations with EMI about a contract.

TV-Coverage – Steve Irwin Memorial

Recorded TV-Coverage about Steve Irwin’s Memorial (Beerwah, Australia, 20/09/06)

The memorial is like his life, not so serious.

Playtime of the video 10 minutes, scenes from his movies and from the memorial.

Fakes On Youtube

Today i found on Scribez a post about fakes on Youtube.

I agree to the author’s opinion that nothing can justify that, that is inexcusable.

More information available here.

Going Out On Top

Michael Schumacher announced his retirement from Formula One on
Sunday, moments after the seven-time world champion won the Italian
Grand Prix.

The 37-year-old Ferrari driver, who holds every
major record in the sport, will leave after the
year-ending Brazilian Grand Prix on Oct. 22.

Ferrari announces that the agreement with the driver Felipe Massa has been
extended until the end of the 2008 season.
Ferrari also announces that it has reached an agreement with the driver Kimi
Raikkonen to cover the 2007, 2008 and 2009 racing seasons.
Massa and Raikkonen will form the Scuderia’s official line-up as of 2007. Luca
Badoer will be the official test driver.
Maranello, 10th September Motor Sport Press Office