N-Dubz – I Swear

  1. hi

    ur songs are great i even ave them on my phine thats how good if ne of u got an addy i can have if u want ma addy it is heatherirving24@hotmail.com

    ur the greatest people who have done the songs there are so greater than all ov the other songs so keep going

    love ya loads


    ps. keep up the good work boiz and galz

  2. perry

    love the song “i swear” its wicked

  3. naomi

    i really like your new song its really good if any of youes have got msn add me plz laydeesweet@hotmai.com

  4. naomi

    I sooo wanna marry you

  5. naomi

    I sooo wanna marry you man

  6. bb

    u lot man wats up gayz geta lyfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff wna be gal

  7. kirsty

    hi anyone wanna chat then this is my adi kirsty_@hotmail.co.uk

  8. kirsty

    i rly like the song and its rly like its i want it on cd

  9. nicole whitthread

    dis song is wel good x x x

  10. milky bar kid

    do any ov us know were i can download i swear from cos am in skool and theve bloked nearly all of the sites just wonderin if any ov iz cud help me cheers email me sexysimon123@hotmail.com and add is on msn

  11. sophie

    hi i ave only herd this song from u i swear it is well kool i cant even get this song out of my head it is sooooooooooo kool i ave asked every body 2 hear it case it is well kool i wish i could ave been the fist one 2 hear dis song it s of the hoock + i like it more out of all the songs i listen 2 that is how much i love it i even sing it wen iam going 2 bed thaks 4 makeing a really gd song + i hope u ave a other song like this wot is really gd

  12. corrie

    loving the song i swear just cnt stop singing it add me on msn if u like it to xx

  13. kiera

    this song is wicked i swear i cant get it out of my head i always singing it and i hope you bring more songs out and another good song is dj sammy heaven 911 tribute it wicked but quite sad check it out love you n dubz your wicked !

  14. nicole

    n dubz r wkd ur songs r differnt in a gr8 way luv ya loads

  15. tionne

    hey deno its t you proberly dont remember me but we use to croch together at summer town youth club but i just wanted to tell you that im happy for you and im glad your doing so well take care and good luck…x x x tionne@bulldoghome.com…x x all the best peace out…

  16. sarah

    i am sxc email me

  17. omh ur songs r propa gd dey r da bets songs on channel u n fizz lmao ive bin tyrin 2 find ur singles in da shops n i cant find em plz elp!!! also wen is ur albun cumin owt n wot is it called ???? plz add me!!!! lv yaz xxx

  18. lucy aslett

    hiya love ya songs they are awsum if any 1 has msn and wuna chat plz add me lucyaslett@hotmail.co.uk lv ya ldz

  19. debbie

    ur music is snd i lv i swear its great plz chat 2 me on msn lv loads debbie lv ya ldz and the girl is really pretty x x x x x x

  20. kirsty cresswell

    hello this is kirsty and i am 13 and i love this song and wat is the cd love kirsty xxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. kirsty cresswell

    if u wana a chat have my e maile is it kirsty_123123@hotmail.co.uk and it is there for sexy boy as well and if u am 16 i am sexy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  22. use ar really great i love our band/my fave

  23. connor

    yo i love ya music

  24. connor

    can i chat with yas

  25. flow

    wats goin on peeps, ya kinda rinsin it at tha moment ye so i fully rate ya ye. There’s a couple events dat im holdin dwn in Birmingham and if u was able to pass tru tht wud be live. email me sumtym. flow

  26. flow

    dnt forget da email address ye: flow07@hotmail.co.uk

  27. ((*dreamer*))

    hia is der necahce u cud get feva las vegas..dats a sik yune email me if u can ta huni kl syt too..gotta ave love 4 n-dubz pretty sfe band!!

  28. kempy

    song is leathel gt it on cd and on ma commi also on ma phn lol its wkd add me if ya wnt ppl

  29. hiya i just love n dubz i swear i think its the best song yet !!!!!!!!!! if any one wanna chat add me fitlads_sophie@yahoo.co.uk on msn plz x

  30. omg i love this sond it so………. kl lol any 1 wanna chat to me x

  31. me my mate love ya music we love the bird in the video i swear

  32. liam grafton

    i luv i swear its gr8

  33. coonor fedwick what school do you go to.

  34. my fav song is i swear and will you play it on the radio

  35. lee x x

    hiya… n dubz ur wiked luv ya songz expecially las vegas n fazer ur well buff lol. tulisa dappy n faze maze n da rest… u lot nw jade sheez ma cuzzi sheez gonna bring me dwn n c u n mazer u no hu im tlkin bout da 1 dat gt ur numba x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  36. hi n-dubz ya music is gr8

  37. munchx

    heya ure prsonal blogs kwl. pliz can u aDD me on msn my addie is: munchx@hoymail.co.uk.
    Lvs ya! munchx

  38. munchx

    N-Dubz r gr8 dey r da bst eva bnd! x x
    lv munchx

  39. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  40. Heyooo!!! x Ya Songz R Boss! Propa Love Demm Loadss, I Ope Yaz Keep Dem Cumin, N Ya R Fittys Thoo:D N De Girli Is Ded Pretty, Anyways Ya R Grate x Love Yass x

  41. n dubz i luv u!!!!!i want u 2 go global!plz tell me the name of your album therefore i can buy it!!!!!!!!plz get bk 2 me i cnt tell u ow much i luv u!!!!luv molly xxxxxxx
    ps i luv u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxn dubz rox xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  42. eluuuu i love ya song there sikka hope u keep dem buzzin nuf luv jadeyxxx

  43. Loz..x

    N-Dubz R Dey Best Band Eva !! I Wont Dem 2 Go Global !! Lurv Loz x

  44. hey xx
    ur music and lyrics are great
    i would love to come n meet u 1 daii
    i listen to ur music all da tym ive baught da album
    well dats all ive got to say realli
    love yew ldz init x x x
    p.s if u wnt mi addi itz blonde.bimbo.14@hotmail.co.uk

  45. pria

    haii i luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv n dubz and fazer iz CHONG

  46. Danielle


    this is such a savage song luv viva las vegas too!!!

  47. !3 Jody 'n' Jayde 'n' Chelsey !3

    Hi every 1 is Jayde jody n chelsey ea lvun sxi scouse lads xxx

  48. the white boi out of n dubz is my cus i cant wate 2 see u

  49. tyrone wythenshawe

    has any1 got this tune on their phone

  50. darren

    hi i like n dubz my hotmail is dkay76@hotmail.co.uk

  51. darren

    hi my hotmail is dkay76@hotmail.co.uk if some one what to add me ok

  52. laura

    n-dubz are deep every time i hear your songs come on i cant help it i have to get up and dance even when im doing the washing and bits around the house. you are all brilliant and i cant wait for your next album already i have rinsed the first one my faviourute tune is i swear because it reminds me of me and my man

  53. craig

    yo n-dubz ur song are wicked init the best 1 song is feva los vegas and u better not waste my time plzzz add my msn addy it is craig_machon@hotmail.co.uk

  54. Amy

    all of your song r the best lov ya n dubz xxxxx

  55. Amy

    all of your song r the best lov ya n dubz xxxxx this is my msn add pinkendizzy@aol.com

  56. hey hey cnt w8 til u cum dwn my area cnt w8 2 cyas in stush!!!!! im gna b dancin all nyt as u performin n keepin d party goin!!! jst lettin yas no n shown my luv u’z r d best!! lol n im happy 4 u cuz yas r gettin bigger nw lol newayz safe bless 1 xxx shell aka [L]aydee [D]ot [G]emz xxx mwahzzzz

  57. heyahh i luv ya guys, ya actually brilliant. ma fav songs of urs are i swear n feva las vegas. plz if u ave msn add me ma addy iz

    luv ya danielle xxxxxxxxxxxx

  58. tush

    heya i reali liked all of there songs n i spesh like feva las vegas its great

  59. Luci

    Hey i think you guys are gr8 n i wish i could meet you cause i love your sungs and videos lol xlucix x x x x

  60. mehreen

    hayyy i love u guyz i think ur gr8 i wish i could meet u i love all of u alot especially tha boy who says nanana nay alot and jums alot i fink he iz sooooooooo georgouss

  61. mehreen

    i wnt 2 tell u that i fancy hassan razzaq alot and i could die 4 him

  62. mehreen

    add me on pllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz its mez_beatch@hotmail.com

  63. raz

    n dubz is sikda best 1 i swear is new 1 ant dat gd but i like all is songz lol sfe g n dubz

  64. hiya this song is well mint bt i also like fever las vegas too thats ace if theres any1 on here thats wants to chat add mr natnat_123@hotmail.co.uk

  65. what is there new song called??? cos i want to download it

  66. boi Sha-Dreck

    serioussllyy ‘ i swear’ you brehz are sum sick fings man like madduss forreluss lol, u wastin all dem other beggers u get me .. u real man. dont mean 2 “waste ur time” wit dis lol .. dappy, faze ur freestyles r Merkin it .. oo n’ xx tulisa xx.. lol i aint got da words 4 dat b manz is not ready lol 😛 😛 .. ur gona keep doin it ye so no need 4 me to say it .. peace

    boi Sha-Dreck


  67. your song is really good

  68. amy

    hi ya

    this is a good song


  69. jade

    your songs are really good im not trying to be a suck up btw coz i fink theres no piont in that im gonna put my addie on ere tho theres no piont coz none of u wil ad me lool no fence its jadie_g@hotmail.co.uk i dnt no none of ur names bt the boy who wears that hat fing all da time ur fit lool and i fink its gd that u ave ur own style c ya x

  70. Louisa

    wah gwhan u alryte, i luv ure music, and think ure sick. even my daughter knows d words to ure songs. keep doin wot ure doin. nuff luv, Louisa xXxXx

  71. me

    thats old new 1 is better n dubz vs naa

  72. hello like you are a bitch

  73. lucy

    hello i love ur song it awsum n ur fit if any 1 has msn n like talkin then add me addy lucyaslett@hotmail.co.uk thnx speke later


  74. Nicole.x.

    helloo itz Nicole from west theamstead if any1` wants 2 get 2 no me better add me on my msn fankoo love ya xxxxx

  75. kev

    hi u mint whats ur names hears my addy bluesnose_10@hotmail.co.uk save me

  76. hey peeps i fink n dubz da best eva any gals wanna add ma msn im a fit lad xx n dubz add my msn plz!! hope u do well in the awards i done the red button on ur space n dubz rule!

  77. sophie

    n dubz r da best the two lads r fit by sophie bromfield age 11 N DUBZ R DA BEST 2K7

  78. hiya u ok? I LOV N-dubz the boyz are well FIT
    but i have a bf dont tell shhhh!!!!! well still

  79. asha

    xx_safe bluds_xx
    how use
    u may not remember me but i remember use fru ma cuz
    especially dappy(but u fit still)
    n faze(r)u r buff
    tulissa b4 i moved watford u talked to me a few weeks b4 i
    left camden i sed i was runnin awa c i dint wana move but u talked to me n i dint run so i fank u (ur pretty )
    n im gr8ful
    but speak ma addi is
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxny way gonna cutxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBLESS NUFF LUV ASHAxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  80. Riley

    any one add me cuz im bored and i wonna talk to some one.

  81. ahlyyy

    i am ur no1 fan plz add me plz luv ya

    i willl Defeat u shud neva mentioned me


  82. hey n_dubz have msn

    do any of u peeps have it

  83. hey n_dubz add me on msn

    and all the fit ones out their


  84. iyya u got msn n bebo
    iff u have got bebo add me ON niceyg0
    and i will tell u ma msn


    >>>___>>>IM STRONG AGEN LOL<<<___<<<

  85. EZI N-DUBZ

  86. chloe

    plz add me on msn i am you biggest fan i love you so much
    but i love dappy more dappy is so fit i like tulisa you are prittie
    fazer i like you tooo
    but i love you all but dappy is my number 1 i love dappy sosososo much ❤ i love you alll

  87. irram

    i love n dunz there are the best and i do like the song it ok but i LOVE N-Dubz MORE!!!!! 3>>>>>>>>> my email adder is irram3@hotmail.co.uk plzplz add me


  88. irram

    love ndubz
    love thm!!!!!!1

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