Ursula Martinez – Magic Striptease

Attention (NSFW) !

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  1. Paul

    Fantastic, Original entertainment at its best.

  2. Per

    I am in love.This is the best magic performance I ever seen.She is good.Very good.I love her!

  3. Loredana Pozzetto


  4. Kim Giles

    You should see her other acts, she IS really good. However I believe she is about getting us to challenge our attitudes, and I think you guys have failed the challenge.

  5. Dan

    Could she do that with a rabbit too I wonder?

  6. Darek C.

    Failed the challenge…right. I totally get that she’s asking us to question our sense of social norms. The problem is that she is beautiful, entertaining and she keeps making these faces like she’s having really hot sex…I’m sorry what were we talking about?

  7. Tânia Alves Viana

    Que pena que o mundo está deste jeito, o humor, mágica e pornografia, bons ingredientes para o ridículo e falta de pudor.
    Onde Deus fica nisto?

    Hi, is this spanish language ? Sorry, i understand only english or german.

  8. Diego Rodrigues

    Well, that’s really cool. I’d never seen somethin’ like that before. She’s good, for sure.

  9. bryan

    Doas anybody know the music in the background is? I think it’s very mellow and cool, and would like to get it.

  10. Big D

    The music is “A Shot In The Dark” by Henry Mancini the theme from the Insector Clouseau move of the same name. Top tune.

  11. Hi Big D !
    Thx for the background info about the music.


  12. bryan

    Yes, thanks Big D=) It’s great.



  14. J Alves

    Ursula Martinez, she is a great performer! Indeed!
    Her web page, lots of info: http://www.ursulamartinez.com

    I know how the trick is done, but better not tell, once you know it looses a bit of it’s “magic” although the real magic it’s her attitude on stage. She is 40 something and she is a fine lady!

    …About a previous post in a different language: it’s not Spanish, it’s Portuguese. Written by a Brazilian girl that says something like: “lack of taste, lack of dignity, where do God stays in all of this”.
    I’m not even going to comment…

    Bye, have fun!

  15. Very well done…over here also a download of the clip: http://files.ww.com/files/21406.html. I researched it and she uses a fake-thumb in which she hides the tissue…

  16. Very Funny…Not dirty at all. A pleasure to get away from Paris, [do you think she looks like a camel? Look at her again., Britney, and the rest of those losers.

  17. She’s great!! and tres,tres, funny. [If you are not a prud
    Sexually? I can’t say as I am 85 years old and Britney Spears naked doesn’t appeal so let’s skip that.

  18. Red

    I am in love with this woman. The disappearing silk trick is very easy to do but she has made an entire routine out of a very simple trick. What a performer!

  19. She’s funny,maravillosa,jajajaja WHAOOO WHAT A PERFORMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. paula

    I am in love please please please give me more cant get enough

  21. Smeller

    will she ebay that hanky?

  22. paula

    will she ebay herself

  23. paula

    will she be doing any traveling to usa its not fair we cant see her except in that one video

  24. rogermarchese

    I am an amateur magician and I have never seen a more exhilarating performance in all my days.Ursala is not only attractive but she has all that it takes to put on a very unique and powerful performance…I could watch Ursula all day….thats how wonderful she is on stage. She is a natural talent and I only wish that she continues to make her audiences appreciate her forever and ever.

  25. S Krauss

    I do wish she’d visit the U.S. While I’ve visited her internet site and appreciate what she has done in theater, I have to admit that I find this one preamble to part of a large autobiographical trilogy just enchanting. She’s a real joy to watch here, and I hope that those who let their superstitions prevent an appreciation will just go elsewhere. Ms. Martinez’ full body of work is apparently much more complex, yet compelling. Still, this simple aging (oops! That’s one of her topics) Indiana boy feels uplifted in spirit just watching this routine. Wow.

  26. Saravanan

    Stunned i would say. Very daring.Does the show was rated 18PL?

  27. Saravanan

    Hi, i beleive many in Malaysia would like to see her show, especially the men but unfortunately they (the govt) would never allow such shows and its something they (majority of publics) would go against due to the cultural things..Haa..haa.haa..(still wondering how she got the red piece in there…and from which entry..Adios..but it was a good show i`d say.

  28. Delinquent

    It was entertaining! The nudity and magic both done in good taste. I loved it!!!!! I’ve emailed to see if she is coming to the states. I hope.

  29. Great act … the red fabric is stuffed into a “fake thumb” … impressive “act!”

    • fairportfan

      You know, i bet you would have pointed out that the soldiers were suing fake nails when the nailed the Carpenter Rabbi up on the cross…

      It is VERY BAD MANNERS to blow another’s gaff.

  30. Robert

    Who cares about the trick !?! I couldn’t keep my eyes off her ! What a honey. Great figure and so brash. Refreshing to see a woman just get the clothes off like that. Very sexy. She must be really fun to be with.

  31. Marie Mode

    Ursula’s lovely. She’s performing in two shows at the Edinburgh Festival at the moment (Office Party and La Clique) if any of you guys are around.

  32. miu

    one of the easiest tricks. you only need a “false finger” (you can buy this thumb tip in every magic store). Look at this video (it is not a good tutorial, but the only one i could find at the moment)

  33. Id like to see the same act with baseball bat 😀

  34. Kenny le

    everyone can do the trick right? i just like her performance

  35. hammer

    great body, but kinda ugly

  36. I’ve seen some of the best but Ursula Darling, you are the best>

  37. Susanne

    I love it. Somehow she makes nudity seem normal, and yet she is sexy without being vulgar. She looks as if she is having great fun. As a woman I can only admire her attitude and the whole performance. I would love to see her act.

  38. Bob Lucas

    Superrific! I’ve fallen in love.

  39. FDFdafAD


  40. DVernon

    PERFECT! And she had the perfect audience for it too. They were totally not expecting that. Toward the end they were completely unbalanced–had no idea what the “rules” were any more. Her over-the-top comic leering and winking gave it just the right feel too. Take THAT, Civilization!

  41. I’ve seen her do this trick live twice AND has conversated with her! Beat that 😉

  42. operator

    I’ve seen her before but now I’m trying to download a clip,for a collection and all U know hehehe …no luck…frustrating (any help is welcome).But anyway,on my list of sexiest she would be somewhere…well…right behind my girlfriend .no 2 .Not so bad Ursula ,not bad at all

  43. Roger Davidson

    Ok. here`s the disclaimer: the following site shows how her trick is done. I wasn`t at all disappointed, because I really wanted to know. Sooo, if you`re brave enough to face the truth of her performance, here`s the site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZYTxZKY82Q

    By the by, she is truly a lovely lady whose performance goes far beyond showing her wares.

  44. Everyone should watch this – where does the hankie go!!??

  45. Rich Busa

    So many comments tell me that most missed the boat. I’m sure it was some young twerp that had to mention how the trick was done. She didn’t need a prop, all it did was make the performance even better. Check out the older gentleman with the glasses in the audience, that alone was so great. I’m sure there wasn.t anyone in that audience that didn’t come away with having been entertained in a dignified way; nothing like watching a pole stripper in a bar. She’s all class! I’m 82 and all of those puritanical prudes can take a trip to the futhest corner of the earth…and stay there. There’s nothing sinful about the human body! Thanks, Ursula and I hope you make it to the USA>

  46. My friend sent me to this site, and she is right.
    Keep up all the good work

  47. Bob

    “I’m 82 and all of those puritanical prudes can take a trip to the futhest corner of the earth…and stay there.”
    I’m only 75, but please don’t send those thousands down here where I live, there are enough here already.

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  49. Kamar

    Link do tego filmu mam na pulpicie bo to lekarstwo na ponure dni.

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  53. Kat Bolte

    She is absolutely stunning! The best I’ve seen. Humorous, intelligent with self distance and integrity!

  54. Ardis

    It’s going tto bbe finish of mine day, except before finiksh I am readig thjs wonderful paqragraph to increase myy know-how.

  55. Carolyn

    I enjoy, lead tto I found jhst what I was havinhg a look for.

    You’ve nded myy four dayy long hunt! Good Bles yyou man. Have a nihe day.

  56. Luis Felipe

    I like so much your performance, besides you are pretty gorgeous and very hot!

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